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tv   Headline News  RT  May 18, 2013 9:00pm-9:29pm EDT

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a devastating explosion rips through damascus while across the border in turkey protests break out over the country's support for the rebels fighting in syria is civil war. sectarian deep in iraq with killings and kidnappings are rounding off the country's bloodiest week in eight months and raising fears of all out civil war. and the u.s. immigration system faces a tough questions after it emerged that it was back in national arrested on terrorism tried got into the country illegally three years ago. and broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our team thomas glad to
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have you with us now in syria state media has reported a powerful explosion in the capital damascus at least three people have been killed and five others are injured the bomb was planted in a car near a school no one has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet. i mean while in turkey police have fired tear gas on a crowd of protesters at a town and near the syrian border which was at the scene of a deadly double car bombing a week ago saturday's on rest follows similar clashes in east on bull and in the capital on car demonstrators are angered by turkey's support for the syrian rebels which they say is putting national security at risk journalist emanuel oxen writer who's covered the syrian crisis extensively says on cars only making the civil war worse. the turkish demonstrators the turkish people is upset because of what was happening on the turkish side it's their full right because it's like to let me say
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to invite a firestarter into your house because you want to send to me later to your neighbors and then you wonder that the fire starter starts putting fire on your own house we have to see that turkey has a nine hundred kilometer long border to syria and we have to see that turkey doesn't do anything to prevent terrorists and mercenaries crossing the border from turkey to syria in contradiction turkey even supports those terrorists the training camps they are. in turkey is giving supply in a lot of means and turkey is right now acting like a hostile power towards the moscow's the if it's a the so-called. more moderate rebels claim a couple of times in the past that they consider the jihadists from the front the troops that culminates in the fight against hamas because so if the west helps us now war and turkey says we support the moderate rebel it's it's not true because
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nobody can assure that a gun comes from the hand of the so-called moderate rebel in the hand office so called extremist rebel i think we should start to distinguish finally because this is a big lie. now meanwhile the u.s. state department has dismissed media claims that russia recently delivered advanced cruise missiles to syria and officials confirm that the armaments were in fact shipped more than a year ago with no violations of international law russia has long stressed that its supplies to damascus are under contract before the syrian conflict broke out more than two years ago also says it's not supplying any weapons that could be used against civilians u.s. and its allies some of whom are believed to be directly arming the rebels have criticized russia's ties with syria but moscow maintains its not backing either side in the conflict but is trying rather to broker peace through diplomacy.
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at least sixteen people have been killed in iraq in a wave of attacks that continues the recent surge in sectarian violence one of the victims was an anti-terrorism police officer shot dead along with his family at his home in baghdad by a group of gunmen also eight of his colleagues were abducted on a desert road to the west of the capital this comes a day after a series of bombings that made friday the country's deadliest day in over eight months the worst of those attacks was a twin bomb blast outside a sunni mosque in baquba iraq's sunni muslims are say that they've been persecuted and marginalized ever since the fall of saddam hussein u.s. congressman keith ellison believes america needs to clean up the mess it created in iraq. i think we have an obligation to stay engaged with iraq. diplomatically and developmentally. militarily quite honestly i don't i am i am not convinced that we can add meaningful improvement to the situation
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with some point our role in iraq militarily needs to come to an inn and even if there is horrible military via hour of violence going on there i mean the question is be raised is our reengagement going to help i don't i doubt that seriously but what i think we do need to do is to remember that we helped create these conditions and we haven't are going obligation and you know we've got to make sure that i mean if we can play a diplomatic role to help. the violence we should and if we can certainly help rebuild this country i think we have a moral obligation to do so because we are part and one expert on the post-war iraq told r.t. that some nations are trying to use the sectarian divisions there to destabilize the entire region you know you ask the arsonist. the fire i mean. it's you know it's. you know they see this. as one big.
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issue to break up the whole region. will. be i mean. again. in the region all this this whole situation is engineer and it's to break up the government including iraq. a citizen of respect a stand has been arrested on federal terrorism charges in idaho he's accused of conspiring to make explosives and supporting a foreign jihadist movement the man had entered america legally just like the boston bombers and the incident has stoked fresh fears that washington is failing to screen potential terrorists as artie's miniport next point. a thirty year old was specs and national has been arrested on federal terrorism charges but just
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three years ago he was easily admitted to the u.s. as a refugee prosecutors have charged crosslegged jean-paul butt off with conspiring to provide material support to the islamic movement of uzbekistan an american designated terrorist organization and off he was arrested in boise idaho where he has lived since immigrating to the u.s. the house at night but what's not clear is how a man allegedly tied to a terrorist network was able to bypass the u.s. is a seven hundred billion dollar national security apparatus and enter the country some would argue that homeland security officials should have thoroughly vetted it was back and rejected his application for refugee status but when it comes to the u.s. homeland security system expensive doesn't necessarily equate to a fact according to a report by the u.s. inspector general the u.s. justice department temporarily lost track of former terrorists who participated in
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america's witness protection program now the independent investigator found that officials at the witness protection program failed to share the fictitious identities that had been created for terrorism linked witnesses with the f.b.i. terrorist screening center that's the agency that maintains america's terrorist watch and no fly lists so as a result some participants of the witness protection program that were put on a no fly list could have flown commercial flights without approval in the meantime the u.s. that of these use to track suspected terrorists has reportedly reached eight hundred seventy five thousand names that's more people than the entire population of cyprus clearly washington does not how about our resources to monitor each and every name. on that list and as recent development. the u.s. government has also failed suspected terrorists from entering or leaving the
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country morning from new york. are to. the u.s. a keeps a database of known or suspected terrorists with around seven hundred fifty thousand names on the list one of them was the dead boston bomber who is considered to have posed no threat just months before the marathon atrocity one libertarian a news editor told r.t. the long list of suspects may just be too big for government agencies to handle the great ironies is that the more information together and we do press or security organizations together more and more and more and more but somebody has to process that information is the more information you gather chances are the less you know to do it and he did it and he datum that's in that database so you can have it as many names and as you will on soon as hundreds of thousands of just a million names in there at this point the chance of actually doing anything with any one of those names and if the useful diminishes the larger the database comes the more information we scoop up the less we do in that so again we can talk about
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security measures all day long but if we can have an open society people are going to come and go and someone will eventually be identified as terrorism suspects. the cyber currency bitcoin has suffered another setback after u.s. authorities seized the accounts of its major operator that's hampering the process of exchanging big coins which right now are worth around one hundred twenty dollars per unit so why is the u.s. government so worried about the currency and is the bitcoin able to beat traditional currencies to take part users must first download a virtual wallet onto a computer or mobile device they will then get an address for this wallet and can transfer bitcoins to the wallet of another user for a small charge and without banking it mediators from a distance it may resemble web money or the pay pal system but a key difference is anonymity all transaction transactions are encrypted and untraceable it is this feature that's ringing alarm bells creating a space where arms and even possibly drugs can be bought and sold alongside more
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innocent goods this isn't putting off some big name investors though and this week alone bitcoin a related start up one five million dollars in banking bitcoin software developer he says the lack of a middleman is what makes the use of a digital currency so appealing to the public. the big system i think is really simple system because it's based of this concept of open source so i can download the source code for bitcoin a new can read for it and like how someone can speak french or spanish or english i can read source code and i can read the source code and see that it does exactly what it says it does and some it really powerful where i have bitcoin sort on my computer and i send it over the internet direct to someone without any middleman whatsoever using software that i wrote myself completely when i have a bank account i don't know what happens in that bank account i don't know who i was dealing with or all the middlemen and institutions there with bitcoin is none
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of it's total control over your money it's proper free trade not that not the fake kind where you need to register corporations or special companies and then your share of the market because of regulations no it's kind of money where anybody in what can participate paper loan is blocking access from over sixty different countries worldwide because it doesn't have any of these restrictions or limitations and the payment system is used as a political thought to shut down speech on the internet and that's why the big point of sign point. well as always we want to find out what you think is behind america's attempts to clamp down on the digital currency let's take a look at what you've been saying numbers have been changing a little bit over the course of the night right now about half of you a little more of. the federal reserve and control over finances in the country more than a third of you thirty five percent they believe the u.s. is trying to limit people's freedom now only six percent. washington's attempts to make. a small sliver only a little green a bit of
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a here this is an attempt that the american government is making genuinely. to hear what you think. economic troubles. people from germany. looking for scapegoats and joining the ranks of the far right . groups. drug stores local pharmacies in the u.s. are being pushed off the market. with. technology innovation.
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mission. free. free. free. free. free. free. video. free.
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live from moscow this is our team welcome back doesn't. have a rallied in berlin with extra places drafted in to cope with the situation the growing popularity of far right movements is raising concerns across the european union peter oliver investigates what's fueling it all. from britain in the west to
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greece in the east far right groups are making their voices heard in e.u. . it's modafinil this financial crisis affected everyone and it has allowed the right wing organizations to give people someone to blame for their problems it's those people's fault that is how they were cruet. greece has seen a marked increase in support for far right to not see groups golden dawn had organization divided by their critics says hooligans and thirds of heralded by their supporters as the saviors of greece for the greeks and they systematic and not only breeds hate and cultivate. but they attack systematical immigrants at the present golden dawn of
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the most they have elected officials on their books including current greek m.p. so long as the artist it's not only in politics that extreme right views are permeating this goal celebration by a key athens is the oldest cup the d.s. said the field of sound for life from the national team despite his claims that he didn't know what this meant and here in germany a country which experienced firsthand the horrors of naziism right wing extremist groups springing up right now attention in germany is focused on the murder trial of their fish out there you know as the nazi right she's accused of being part of a national socialist terrorist cell and claimed to have murdered nine immigrants in one policewoman in the early two thousand after nine hundred forty five are told about what happened in the war on the holocaust of course but some held on to those ideas when the wall came down we saw last rise a right wing groups that grew into today's neo nazis as well as
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a fascist organizations members of germany's mainstream right wing party the n.p. d. sis that their policies are the only way to tackle the current problems facing the country. as if we as german taxpayers have to save the entire europe we are going to go broke we have to admit that some european nations cannot be saved and focus on those that can't yet. it seems as long as europe's finances continue to languish in the red more and more people are seeking answers with the right peter all of a job. well more news over on our web site r t v dot com there for you right now. native americans are fighting to prevent what's being called environment. our report on the tribes protesting against the controversial keystone x.l. oil pipeline. plus an online map service is unite
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a family a chinese man identifies childhood home using satellite images twenty three years after he was kidnapped all the details on that on our website. in america a familiar face of your trusted local pharmacist the personal treatment from small community drugstores is finding itself bulldozed by the giant chains and it's all down to pharmaceutical majors and insurance firms teaming up to stifle the competition as artie's and associates found out. pharmaceuticals in the u.s. a major moneymaker. huge drug store chains are popping up on every street corner with multiple locations and list services when read right whichever the big ones not that i prefer them but it's just that they're the only option we're from
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new jersey so we go to c.v.s. . one in new york doing read but mostly c.b.s. competition for mom and pop shops is steeper than ever in places like the big apple where rent alone is sky high and neighborhood pharmacies are all but it stinks for the city overflowing to join chains like this one the town drugstore symbolically was always at the center of american culture and american life it and now as the big chains move then not only that the prices tend to go up but they squeeze the little guys out the pharmacists however small pharmacies have more issues than just the increase of big box shops health insurance companies have been merging with drug stores taking away americans choice of where they can get their medicine if they fell at my location they would have to pass a fifty percent of the cost of their medication if they feel that c.v.s. they would only pay thirty percent of the cost of the medication sarah fraud who has had her shop in a small community in upstate new york for about six months offering personal
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attention and a more intimate approach she's built a good reputation with the locals fast i'll do it right now but the pharmacist says an increasing number of her patients have been learning they have no choice but to do business elsewhere at a joint pharmacy across the street but they do is we just had one this week a woman came in she wanted to fill her prescriptions are pharmacy she was sick of c.b.s. the long waits the lines the rude you know employees and we took a prescription to her insurance card bill ditto for insurance found out she could not fill anywhere besides c.b.s. moseyed hosey and runs a pharmacy new jersey and is faced with the same obstacle he says he has lost a fifth of his. patients because of these deals the big stores are able to make negotiate their own contracts with insurance companies so that they get paid more than what we do and then. when they purchase their medications or purchase them at
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a lower rate than what even though there have been pushes from small pharmacy lobbying groups to get in the way of the tricks used by big chains huge corporations simply have more money to lobby their interests even if sued they pay the fine and move on meanwhile the small businesses fight on to stay afloat allow us to compete freely with each other as businesses and we go out of our way to give the best customer service and be as friendly as we can despite the pleas and obvious economic benefits of money staying in a community instead of corporate giants bank accounts this sort of general and of the middle class story which sadly has been the macroeconomic story of the last really forty years here in the united states thanks actually angela friendly neighborhood shops that used to be what made the american dream possible could soon be a thing of the past and they see churkin our party new york. a passenger plane caught fire at one of moscow's international airports after its landing gear malfunction did during touchdown luckily all one hundred thirty five people on board at the ute
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air jet were evacuated safely with no reported injuries seven planes in route to the new international had to be diverted but the airport is now back in operation investigation is underway the incident comes just months after another plane with only three members on board veered off the runway of the neugebauer leaving five people dead. now and some other international news making headlines for you at this hour. a car has crashed into a crowd of hikers in the u.s. state of virginia injuring at least fifty people several of the hikers who are taking part in a parade are said to be in critical condition placed on vesta getting the cause of the student witnesses say the car had a handicap sticker and the driver has been to. scribed as an elderly man. a high profile pakistani politician has been shot dead in the city of karachi zora shot he'd hussein was a member of pakistan's movement for justice one of the parties who was shot by two
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unidentified gunmen outside her home and died on the way to the hospital the killing comes on the eve of a controversial partial rerun of the recent general election last saturday's polls were the bloodiest in the country's history over one hundred politicians killed in the run up to a vote. in ukraine thousands of protesters have been demanding the release of the country's jailed former prime minister yulia timoshenko a rally in the capital kiev. violence and at least ten people were injured sentenced to seven years in prison in two thousand and eleven for abuse of office while signing a gas deal with russia two years earlier imprisonment which she says was politically motivated is an ongoing source of tension between ukraine and you. in southern yemen at least four suspected terrorists have been killed and several others injured in a drone strike on a vehicle which will save the operation took place around dawn on me i'll be on the rise in the number of drone strikes in yemen since the country's u.s.
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backed president came to power early last year. french president francois long has signed a same sex marriage bill into law it was the flagship social reform of his election campaign a year ago despite public support the bill months of massive nationwide protests involving hundreds of thousands of people. suffering at the los popularity ratings of any recent french president. now we are all being expected to pay our way as a few more tax dollars are squeezed out of us but not everyone is coughing up the big firms we spent a fortune on are getting away with paying a pittance in duties and it's countries like britain which are being called on to sort it all out as. reports. there are one hundred of the u.k.'s biggest companies but new research shows that they're still cutting corners by saving money on tax ninety eight of the footsie one hundred companies in the u.k.
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run the holding or subsidiary companies off shore these include high street giants such as barclays bank and tesco it's unlikely to make easy reading for the british government which spent the past four years promising to climb down on corporate tax avoidance now actually is the charity that's been looking into the issue and i'm here to talk to tax policy expert michael lewis who authored the report where these findings come from. mike thank you very much for joining us the british government's been promising to clamp down on tax avoidance for a while now we've seen a number of stories and scrutiny towards companies such as starbucks and amazon and google so it looked like progress had been made but what did you find when you looked at the bigger picture on your research tax haven operations and companies are almost universal amongst the world's largest companies the u.k. has a particular responsibility here one in five of the world's tax havens are under the
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u.k. jurisdiction what's the link between overseas tax havens and the developing world. the link quite simply is that the developing world in developing countries are suffering from tax avoidance further and faster than the u.k. and other countries developing countries lose up to three times more money to tax havens every year than they receive in international aid thank you very much for joining us david cameron has promised to tackle the issue of global tax avoidance at next month's g eight summit which britain will be chairing but so far it's unclear how firmly britain is prepared to act in order to stamp out the culture of corporate tax avoidance. r.t. . well coming up our team takes a look at the daily hazards faced by coal miners in russia stay with us.
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dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. paid to pop deadly pills he didn't pass away he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him die. this pharmacy really about helping people. get his time from settle this question about britain and europe. david cameron's under increasing pressure to guarantee a vote on the u.
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case future in the you have a cell of britain's european fault this fear that such a divorce codes picasa strong thing. some of these traditional chili lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generation to. this is a total struction of the culture of mexico by telling them i mean this this is not going to impact asylum in mexico whatever happens here of course about the whole world now we're eating at about six in the in the open in the eighty's in all the organiser or thread. the engineer cops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system.


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